Building Inspections In 15 Minutes: What Should You Look Out for?

Buying a property is an exciting time with lots to think about and look forward to. On an initial visit to a property, you’ll want to keep you eyes open to any potential issues that it may have.

Try not to get carried away by how pretty things look and how you imagine making the place your own before you’ve inspected the most important bits.

There’s a number of things an inspector should be looking out for – from your windows, walls, roof and even any skylights or roof windows that have been installed.

  1. Water Stains Can Be Bad News

Always check the walls backing onto showers and baths for any water stains or corrosion. Feel them with your hand for any dampness as this could be a sign that there are leaks within the water system.

Damp Wall

  1. Look Up

Easy to do, easy to forget. Always look up when you’re inspecting a property in a short amount of time. Any ceilings that are sagging are bad news – they should be fixed firmly flush in place with no parachute appearance. Don’t be afraid to use a torch to shine on ceilings to get a clearer look.

  1. Cracked Up

Check walls for cracks and note their size. It’s pretty normal for walls to have some cracks in them, however any that are larger than 2 mm in width should be inspected further. If there are multiple cracks, you should also be wary and may need to enlist the help of a qualified building inspector.

  1. Check For Mould

It’s often hard to spot mould but it can be common in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Although it’s easy to clean mould, either yourself or using an external specialist, you’ll want to try and figure out the cause of the mould as this could lead you to uncovering a larger more serious issue.

  1. Gutters and Pipes

Although Australia is blessed with a pretty good climate, you’ll want to make sure that the house is fully able to whether storms and heavy rain. Check gutters and drain pipes for signs of rust, corrosion, blockages and signs of excess water flow.

  1. Don’t Be Fooled

It’s easy to be taken in by beautiful vases of flowers or large paintings placed across patches of wall where plaster may be flaking or peeling. Try to remain objective and look below the surface before your time’s up!

For more analysis on a quick property inspection, check out the Wikipedia page about property inspections.

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